SPAZIO SUMAMPA – Galeria Textil – Buenos Aires

Many years ago the Adobe association ( a non profit organization ) was created to revive and preserve the textile art cultural heritage of rural villages situated in the Northern Province of Santiago Del Estero, Argentina. With the clear objectives to give its pride back to those lands and populations and stop the emigration of local young women seeking to get out from poverty.

The association first sponsored the creation of the “Escuela de Artes y Oficios” (School of Arts and Trades ) from which emerged  twenty weavers and thirty spinners, and the production of pure whool handcrafted carpets, fabrics, shawls, and tapestries. 

Then came SPAZIO SUMAMPA ( with stores in Buenos Aires and Milan ) to give light to those beautiful products and diffuse their commercial distribution in a very competitive market. The Buenos Aires store situated in the famous and fresh “Las Canitas” neighbourhood is worth the visit. The place itself is very nice. The friendly staff will explain you everything about Adobe and Sumampa. And more importantly you will find there a huge variety of products. You will even be given the possibility to customize your carpet and have it handcrafted within a month. 

More importantly, ALL profits will go back to Adobe association to further develop the project and possibly finance others. 

SPAZIO SUMAMPA : Arevalo 2976 entre Baez y Arce. Las Canitas – Buenos Aires. (5411) 47726930.


  1. Summer,

    Pay them a visit ! The people there are very friendly and the quality of the work is simply amazing. Plus all profits will help to finance projects in porr and rural places.

    Let them know you come from our behalf : Benoît y Carolina


  2. Hey, those pictures look beautiful. They make me wannna have them! I love places where they do hancrafted carpets or fabrics. They are of such a great value. I would like to go there, i see it is located in the wonderful neighborhood of Las Canitas which is really classy. I am actually renting an apartment in buenos aires in the neighborhood of Palermo. I would love to go and experience Adobe and Sumampa. I will definitely be there. Thanks!


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