Casa solar Flex Brasil

Each year since 2002, Solar Decathlon is organizing a competition in between the 20 very best architecture universities around the globe. The objective for those is to present a fully sustainable house concept entirely powered by solar energy.
This year the event will be held from June 17th to 24th in Madrid with the clear goals to inform, raise awareness and demonstrate how solar energy can play a major role in sustainability. All those days will be opened to public and you will be given the opportunity to visit all the 2010 competitors houses. 
South america is this year represented by Consorcio Brasil.  Students from 6 universities throughout Brazil have gathered to give birth to  Casa solar Flex and compete soon in Madrid. At “Art de vivre” we very much like their work and we wish them all the best in Spain !
In paralell to the competition, Consorcio Brasil is also looking at selling Casa solar flex concept to the hotellery industry. Find below an illustration of what that could look like in a very preserved environment. Feel free to contact them here should you like to further develop.
Vamos Brasil !!!

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