A special wednesday evenning in Palermo Holywood, Buenos Aires

We yesterday went out with my wife to celebrate our 5 years of knowing each other. It was early April 2005 in Barcelona. We are not really sure about which day. Indeed we are pretty sure we just can’t remember the exact day. Anyway, we decided to celebrate those very good memories and experience a couple of good places in the Palermo Holywood district of Buenos Aires. 
We started at Olsen, located in calle Gorriti 5870. As summer is still around here in BA, we decided to have a drink on the terrace. They have an extensive Vodka list. Indeed from all over the world. And very naturally we’ve ordered 2 vodka based cocktails ( 8 to 10 USD each ). And a little picada ( equivalent of tapas ) ! Just to warm up our senses….
Then my wife had reserved a table close by at Tô restaurant. Tô was opened 11 months ago by a French young guy we’ve met yesterday, full of energy and passion. The atmosphere is very friendly. The staff impecable. The design modern while convivial. And more importantly the food is succulent. The owner calls his cuisine FRAPANESE. A well distillated mix of French and Japanese. As I normally do not pay too much attention to those marketing words, i would use the following adjectives to describe what we had : extremely fresh, very well cooked, tasty, suprising, generous, inventive, audacious.
So all in all, a very good moment. Another one i should say. Thanks to my wife. Thanks to the incredible friendliness of the Argentinian people. This is a value they have not lost so far : the art of welcoming you and making all they can so that you can only enjoy. 
Budget per head at Tô : 35USD with drinks.

Entonces, gracias a la gente de Argentina ! Que siguen asi !

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