"Art de vivre" moves to Europe….New senses, new flavours !

In a week from today, we and “Art de vivre” will leave Buenos Aires and move back to Europe with a base in Paris. We will spend quite some time in “La ville des lumières” the next months and will obviously share with you our little secrets. We already have quite a lot in stock as we spent quite some years there already.

Pont des Arts. Paris.

We will also take the opportunity of the European spring and summer to travel extensively in the search of new places, new flavours, new senses and people ! The road trip is not completely finalized but we will likely travel to Bordeaux, Pais Vasco ( both French and Spanish ), Catalunia and Barcelona, Formentera and Mallorca, Montpellier and Aveyron ( France) for a bike trip, Piemonte and the Barollo wineries, Tuscany and Umbria, Verona and its famous opera season, Bologna, Modena and Parma…

Our secret Place – Umbria
Bonifacio – Corsica island – France

That’s our gastronomic road trip for the next 3 months we will share with you all with great pleasures. Again thanks to you all for following us and sharing with your friends. 

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