Risotto Alle Gamberi e Capesante by ADV

“Art de vivre” is today sharing with you one of its best recipe and more importantly one technique to prepare a good risotto for 4 people : 

  1. Start buying the proper rice. Carnaroli is our prefered one. But arborio can also be used. Both are now widely diffused and distributed. Should be an easy search
  2. Ideally you should have kept a chicken or vegetables based bouillon from previous meal in your frige. In most cases you will not have that. Just boil some water and use a simili of French “Maggi” bouillon cube
  3. Mince an entire white onion
  4. Take a narrow but deep stove. Heat it with low fire. Add 50 gr of butter and half of the minced onion
  5. As onions become translucid but not yet entirely cooked, add 150 gr of rice. Increase slightly fire. Melt onion and rice, keep on stiring with a spatula until the rice turns pearly. Spread the rice equally to cover all stove
  6. Throw 15cl of any dry white wine with again slightly increase fire so that the alcohol can evaporate. Should take no more then 30 sec
  7. Bring back fire to low and start adding your bouillon. Just enough to cover the rice. As soon as your bouillon gets consumed, add some more to cover. Repeat until the rice gets cooked. Just add what is needed. That is the secret.
  8. When you feel the rice becomes cooked but still a bit al dente, stop adding bouillon.
  9. When almost all bouillon got consumed, add another 50 gr of butter and very thin slices of premium parmeggiano cheese. Salt & pepper.
  10. With fire on, melt it all until you get a creamy risotto
  11. Serve and Enjoy ! 
As on the picture above, you can serve risotto with sea food which will have to be cooked separately. You could also decide to have it as described above or also add any vegetable ( mushrooms and especially funghi porcini, zucchini, carrot, leek…). So let your creativity express and start enjoying what finally is a very easy dish to prepare.
Important to mention : the picture above is from a risotto we prepared as any other recipe we did present and will.

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