A real boutique hotel in Saint Germain des près

We did discover the hotel “Saint Vincent” close to where we live last year as we were looking for rooms where our wedding guests could stay. The hotel is situated in the very heart of Saint Germain des prés while being on a very charming and quiet road. Which is not that common in that district. So do not fear to book a room on the street side. The rooms are very well decorated and you will be able to enjoy in most of them very high ceiling, except on the 3rd floor which is just below the roof. Those latter will indeed offer you a small balcony. One main advice : book a couple of months in advance whatever the period. ( Small capacity + High demand ) * great location = Fully booked. 

They increased pricing last year but at 220/250€, this is an excellent choice you will not regret. Next door you will find their sister hotel “Saint thomas d’Aquin” which is also a very good choice for around 150€ ( on promotion at 129€ for this summer ).

I will dedicate my next post to eating out in Saint Germain des près. So stay tuned and enjoy that magical place for those visiting Paris soon.

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