Kitchen Galerie Bis – Haute cuisine in Saint Germain des près

On the contrary to what still many French people tend or like to believe, our “cuisine” does not lead the way anymore. Worse, it became quite complex to eat well, especially in Paris and Côte d’azur ( aka “French Riviera”). That becomes even more true when you’re lucky enough to travel and experience other tastes, culinary and service oriented cultures. 
Italy is my number ONE. Still. You will eat well in 90% of the restaurants there. And quite cheap still. Spain has been catching up the past 10 years, mainly driven by Ferran adria and a young talented chef’s generation. But they still have to improve the average quality and diversity of the offer.

By combining creativity and simplicity, remarkable sea food products, and a great respect of the customers, the North of Europe has been shaking us up the past few years. You can now eat extremely well and for a very reasonable price in Belgium, Holland, Denmark and sweden. To a lesser extent in Norway and Finland.

Rascasse grillée, Vinaigrette Sésame – Balsamique Blanc

Hopefully a couple of people or restaurants in France did understand the need to react. And decided to put back the product and the client at the center of their approach. While avoiding astronomical prices.

Sister restaurant of the 2 michelin stars “Ze Kitchen Galerie”, Kitchen Galerie Bis does offer a “bistro” approach of haute cuisine. And a flavour of what is being served at the michelinized restaurant next door. As a starter i would recommend you to share the 6 tapas plate they offer. Then opt for fish for the main course as this is really their speciality and trademark.

Grilled John Dory, “Sauce Vierge” & Orange

You will notice a lot of flavours from Asia as the chef is passionate about it. Count on a budget of 60€ per head with the wine. Which is quite affordable for a taste of haute cuisine.

Enjoy the trip !

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