, a revolutionary platform for farmers

A couple of weeks ago I was participating to Seedcamp London, a platform for startup to raise seed money ( around 50K USD ). A very different topic you will agree to what I am supposed to cover in this blog. Which I remind is dedicated to “Art de vivre”.

But I want to share and spread the word on a croatian startup  called looking at making the lives of farmers of this world much easier. With the possibility for them to better monitor their farm data and performance, bond with other farmers to share tips/thoughts, and get better deals when purchasing equipments. Those guys are young, hungry, fresh and want to revolutionize the world of farming. They already seduced some of the most influential seed VC’s ( 500startups, Seedcamp, TAG ) so they are well placed already.

But still, I wanted to share the word. We need to save our farmers, and will definitely play a key role in this.

Thanks guys and Long life !

Benoît from ADV

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