Thank you Art de Vivre readers !

My dear readers,

Despite a very poor performance from my side ( only 6 posts in 2011 ) you have been more then 1500 people reading my modest contribution to the “Art de vivre” passion we all share. And I want to thank you very much for your trust, your loyalty and your valuable comments or feedback.

2012 is set to be another exciting year on our side. With several projects going on. So hopefully I’ll be more productive and you’ll have more stuff to read and discover.

Let me also wish you a superb 2012. Like each year passing, there will be some painful or sad moments. But for sure, there will be loads of opportunities to laugh, gather, travel, cook, eat, drink, discover, dream and enjoy the simplest things life has to offer. So let’s collectively focus on those and forget about the rest ! ;-)

All the best for this new 2012 chapter.

Benoît @ADV

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