Restaurant ” Pages ” , Paris 16 ème

I recently have been invited to celebrate the birthday of a work colleague at the Japanese led restaurant called ” Pages ” in Paris. What an experience ! 

The place itself is very peaceful. Minimalistic design. White and grey shades colors. Superb cutlery and plates from JL Coquet. 

The Japanese chef serves a unique surprise menu. Which is something you need to be fine with. What’s best then being surprised and discover tastes we would possibly not have enjoyed or chosen ? 

We started off with a glass of Meursault. And some sea bass ceviche. Followed by seasonal white and green asaparagus beautifully supported by a soft taste aioli cream and herbs. 


The main course was the masterpiece. A filet of turbo pan fried with crispy rice, accompanied by a cherry, onions and cucumber mixture. An explosion of flavors !


This ended with a phenomenal desert. A medium rare apricot ( or half cooked I shall say ? ) served with creme fouettée and dismantled meringue dressing. 


While they still need to improve the service and attention to details, a place I highly recommend.


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