Terminal #1 , Montpellier

Terminal #1” is the latest restaurant opening by the renowned and ex 3 star Michelin owners Jacques and Laurent Pourcel. Visiting our family in Montpellier for the festive season, we took the opportunity to have lunch there yesterday with the kids. Before I get to the good stuff, let me point out a few things that need attention and fixing. The receptionist was rude and pretty hopeless during the 20 minutes we had to wait for our table to be ready. Generally the staff present lacked experience and kept forgetting pretty basic things we did ask during the meal. I also find the decoration and design very dark and far too heavy. Some Nordic minimalistic design would have been a better fit but one could argue this is subjective. Which it is !

Now to the good part of the experience. All dishes were very good. Meat, dish, deserts. The wine Peyra 100% Chardonnay by the glass at 6.5€ excellent value for money. It could have rated excellent overall by being a bit more simple as a few dishes appeared to be a bit too sophisticated.

Overall an 8/10 for the food but barely a 5/10 for the atmosphere & staff. Still worth a visit. Filet de cabillaud et petits encornets

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