Les Carroz ski resort

2020 has been a year of first times and Christmas was no different. First time in this wonderful village of Les Carroz d’arraches , where we could rent a wonderful chalet ( dedicated post will follow ) and gather with the family. First time ski holidays while slopes are closed, Covid related. First time I walk on slopes while normally I snowboard or ski. The obvious benefits being that I fell less ! First time I gain 5 kilos in a week when normally this is the time of year when I burn the most calories ( on slopes, which you understood are closed this year ). First time I really disconnect from work and end up not doing much of my days ( Apart from piling up wood logs one after the other in the superb chimney of the chalet ).

First times are always remembered. And that one will be no different. Despite the difficult year it has been, I am grateful we could gather with our beloved ones and spend a bit more time reflecting on the simple things life has to offer.

Stay tuned for a dedicated post on this wonderful chalet we called home for a week. We’ll be back !

We called it home – for a week

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